About us

Quality. Courage. Joy. 
It's all BabyBeams.
We started creating BabyBeams to make life a bit more easy for new parents and make the first few months more enjoyable. We missed a product on the market that would go hand in hand with our idea of high quality materials, practical use and aesthetic. That's why we designed the BabyBeams lounger in collaboration with two designers from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. Its original design gives your baby feeling of an ultimate comfort and safety. At the same time, it is designed to be easy to use and to clean. Plus it looks great in your living room! It is made of high quality organic materials by talented czech seamstresses.
Who is behind BabyBeams?
It is said that children they are the best teachers. My daughter Žofinka gave me (not really intentioanlly) the courage, space and motivation to try something new. Time to discover my dreams and try to follow them. And my dream was to make my own decisions, to be able to have a say. I missed that in my previous working life. 
With her being born, I realized that I did not want to leave the world of children. It's fun, creative, immediate and something new is constantly happening. Therefore, I decided to try to stay in it for as long as possible and I decided to create high quality and aesthetic products for babies and their parents. And so now I get to do the creative, choose colors, send ton of e-mails and read - contracts and DM's from you. All to make BabyBeams your love brand.
My goal is that BabyBeams brings you joy. That our products benefit your life with your newborn and make it a bit more easier. 
Thank you for being with us
Katerina (and the fam)
P. S .: The mess behind us, that's just us being authenthic. :)